Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grandma Pam's Adventures

Reading Time!

Snuggle Time with Grandma Pam!

Yes, Grandma mastered the art of texting while feeding the kiddos!

We have all been grateful of the help from Grandparents. Grandma Pam has been able to stay with us for three weeks. We all will miss her.....and the clean bottles, hot dinner, clean laundry, etc:) Thank you!!

Guest blog by Grandma Pam:

Finally, I have entered the Grandma Society!! Twice!! What a thrill and an honor. In the past three weeks I have discovered the world of little people. Dressing, feeding, diapers, walks, tailgating--yes tailgating before the SDSU/ISU game--church and more diapers. I take the 3am and 6:30am feedings along with the snuggles.

Jaden tipped the scale at 5/1 when he was sent home and Evan at 4/3. It was a bit scary when they were oh so little. But now we actually can see a hint of chubby legs on Jaden.

I have also discovered that I can feed and text or talk on the phone at the same time.

I am sleep deprived but in a good way---afterall, I am retired and I can sleep in South Dakota.

Monday I am leaving after three weeks with the boys. I will be back frequently and blessing to the people that invented Skype--wish that would have been around for my own parents and children to enjoy.

The Grandma Society. It’s a great club!!


  1. Already reading to the babies...I am SO proud!!! May I use that photo when I talk about grand parenting in 224?

  2. Of course you can use the picture in class!
    ....let me know if you need the JPEG file emailed.