Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Update!

Yes- He was able to free his hands! Little Houdini!

Premie Size is just right!

Newborn size--little room to grow!

Evan has been in the incubator to help maintain his temp. He is able to still come down to my room to feed with Jaden. BroMenn has a very slow protocol for decreasing the temp of the incubator- he finally just made it today to the magic number. Now he has to maintain an adequate body temp for 24 hours outside of the incubator. Jaden is just hanging out at BroMenn waiting for his brother. Yesterday he played dress-up with Grandma! See pics!

Jaden was circumcised today…..thus our calm-sleepy child was a little bit fussy today!:) I was discharged yesterday, but get to stay in my same room (just without nursing service) until the boys are released. It was nice to be able to leave and home for lunch today, but it will be really great to have the boys at home! Otherwise, everything else with the boys looks great, which we are so thankful for.

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