Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend with Friends

Evan & Jaden's After-the-Babies-are-born Babies Shower!
We skyped friends Monica, Anne, Heather and Amber!
Laura, Kristin, Jaden, Jenny, Grant, Ashley, Evan, Julie

Grant: 7 months, Jaden: 7 Weeks!

SOooo tired after such a fun weekend!

The weekend went too fast!! Evan and Jaden got to meet their 7 month old friend Grant who flew in with mom, Jenny, and friend, Ashley, from Minneapolis. The boys got spoiled being held on Saturday by my four friends that were here as we video chatted for a virtual baby shower with some other friends – most all of us have known each other since kindergarten! What a fun Saturday afternoon! Evan and Jaden didn’t sleep the best at night as I think they just sensed that Ashley would graciously hold them if they squirm and grunt a little!! It was nice to have the extra set of hands at night!

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