Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Magic Kingdom…..with Toddlers!

If you had asked the boys last week what was at Disney World, they would have told you three things: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and a CAS-ol. Those things have served us well in bribing the boys to be good ever since loading into the car Friday night. They finally got to see two of the three things. 
Our attempt at pictures with three squirrely boys.

We rode many kid-friendly rides including the  Carousel     - which all of the boys loved!

It’s a Small World.

Winnie the Pooh.

Buzz Lightyear

Dumbo. Of course afterwards Evan wanted to ride the identical Dumbo ride on the right hand side after we stood in line for what seemed like longer than the 20 minute predicted time! After every ride Evan would clap and say “Again. Again.” 
While waiting in Mickey’s room for a picture Evan says “no Mickey Mouse, no Mickey Mouse.” Luckily, there was a family in front of us, so he could see Mickey interacting with others and knew it was safe. He did really well, but I had to hold him on the opposite side, not right next to Mickey! Mickey talks now, too, so the interaction was fun.

The boys patiently, term used loosely, waited an hour for the lighted parade. I think Jaden is living off of fruit snacks (Veggie Tales, as he calls them). Do not judge. It’s practically a fruit serving, right?

After a bath, the boys fell right asleep, no stories, no songs, they just fell asleep immediately-- dreaming of Mickey Mouse I am sure!

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