Monday, July 20, 2015

Kylie's 4-month Pics!

Kylie's 4th month was a busy one with summer in full swing!
She got to do some pool-side lounging with her friends.
She saw her first hail storm. Her brothers loved running and picking up the hail after the storm.
Kylie loves to watch her brothers play outside. She hopes they share their water table next year!

We had one of our first family road trips to visit
our friends, The Wilson's!
Kylie and brothers were well taken care of by Jonah and Elliott while their mothers ran a 10K in the heat and humidity.

Kylie learned to roll over this month! It's amazing that the first several times it took so much effort for her to flip, and now she does it so quickly! The days of lying her down and having her stay put are coming to an end!
Kylie was all set to go shelling on a beach in Florida.........Unfortunately our flights were cancelled. So Grandma Pam and Kylie stayed back in Illinois, while I traveled to my conference solo for an abbreviated trip. Aunt Laurie entertained the boys while I was gone - or they entertained her.....
While Kylie got to road trip with Grandma Pam to visit Great Uncle Joel and Great Aunt Sally!
Kylie is one happy baby and for that we are so lucky!

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